Discover a Hidden Gem in Yadkinville, North Carolina – Imagine a spring with Crystals and Quartz encapsulated in bedrock enrich by every mineral that the body needs marinating and preserved from since time immemorial. Today we present to you: Crystal Quartz Springs, A Live Alkaline Spring Water. As clean and Clear as the day it was created.

Nestled within this exceptional 'soil,' you'll find a remarkable source with a geological tapestry rich in diversity. Layers of earth, along with a variety of rock types, including biotite gneiss, granite, and quartzite, grace this source. Each layer imparts its unique colors and compositions.

This mineral-rich spring offers more than just hydration; it provides a rare source of essential minerals. In a world where such treasures are hard to come by, this spring stands as a natural wonder, ready to replenish and nourish."